Crossfit Lite

Crossfit Lite is a high intensity class where no workout is the same.

It incorporates functional movements and conditioning to help improve mobility, boost your energy and improve your overall fitness. It’s only 45 minutes long which means it an all be done in your lunch break!

Who’s it for?

This class is for anyone and everyone who is interested in getting active or just wanting to ditch their desk for less than an hour a day and get moving!

It’s an ideal session to squeeze into the middle of the day, especially if you find you’re too tired to workout in the mornings or in the evenings after work.

There’s a friendly and welcoming atmosphere where you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people who will help, support and encourage you as you train.

“I am getting fitter faster than I ever did going at it alone in the gym, and it is so much more enjoyable. The community feel at this gym gives it such an edge.

Going along to the Free Trial was the best decision I have made in a long while, not only for my health and fitness but for my social life too!”

Location and Parking

Located in central Digbeth on Heath Mill Lane, which is just a two minute walk from The Custard Factory or a short walk from Birmingham City Centre. There also is free onsite parking with limited availability.

What it involves

You’ll be challenged each time you attend as each workout is constantly varied.

One session may incorporate more cardio, the next might focus more on stretching and conditioning. This ensures your body adapts quickly to a diverse program which incorporates every aspect of fitness.

This workout also includes functional movements which closely mimic natural movements found in your everyday life such as lifting a box, reaching to a high shelf or getting up from a chair. Incorporating functional movements can improve joint mobility making everyday movements easier!

with Crossfit Digbeth


It will boost your energy and alertness for the rest of the day.


It’s suitable for all fitness levels and designed for everyday life.


You’ll be part of a friendly community that will support you.



The Garage
140 Heath Mill Lane,
B9 4AR.

Box Opening Times

  • Mon - Fri 06:00 - 21:00
  • Sat 10:00 - 16:00
  • Sun 10:00 - 16:00